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Body Painting
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Over the years I have enjoyed attending birthday partys and offering private sessions for belly and face painting. I am always looking for new clients who dare to be creative . If you have the idea why not create an entire scene. Most of my private sessions are followed by a photo shoot. I always like to see what ideas my clients have. I can also include other things in some of the sessions, like diapers cakes, custom drops, flowers, clothing and other things. These are loaner items for the photo shoot only. You are welcome to bring anything that you would like to use during your photo session. If its your idea lets make it happen. I am always open for new things.

Belly painting
Birthday Partys
School Events
Creative Expressions
Holidays and Celebrations
Baby Showers
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How It Works
* File out the application and fax or email it back. List any allergies, rashes or special circmstances that may affect your skin
* Speak with the Artist about what is suitable to wear for your session when scheduling your appointment.
* Eat before you arrive and bring something to dring or snack on if your session is long. A robe or large shirt are options to wear.
* Do not bring children to your session unless they are part of the project. Children tend to be a distraction and  may not be able to sit for long periods of time.
* Be prepared to stay at least 2 hours or more depending on the design. If you are not sure about the time frames ask the Artist.
Set up sessions at least 3 weeks in advance confirmations are usually done by email.