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Logos and Designs
Custom Logos starting price : $95 includes 2 design changes

Complex Logos starting price : $150
includes 2 design changes

Formats: Jpeg, Tif, Bitmat and written instructions or ideas .

Artist email or questions :
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Logo and Design prices are listed below and are subject to change without notice. Once you are quoted on a
price it is guarenteed for  5 days. Logos are usually designed on 10x10 Art paper but can be made larger if
requested. The proofs are done via email. If you need a finished logo or design in png or vector format
please specify this before the design is complete. When sending in pictures or sketches  along with your idea
, I will accept jpeg, tif, or bitmat formats. After an agreement is made, payments are due in full at that time and
are none refundable once the design is started. Sketches and ideas may be submitted but no actual work will
be completed until payment is received in full. If you already have a logo or design and just need a few
changes made please email the artist for special pricing. All art, logos and discussions about work and
projects are kept confidental and will not be shared or used for any other reason other than what you have
specified. Transations can be made via paypal or money order . It would be very helpful to have some kind of
idea of the logo or type of design that you are interested in. Please look at the list below befor submitting your