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Creating a reborn doll has been an on going interest for over 5 years. I started collecting doll kits in early 2017 after a few years of research and training by crafters who were already experienced with the process. My first two dolls were produced in October 2018 and they were painted with air dried paints, which is the 1st way that a reborn doll can be painted. I have since purchased a set of genesis paints with a nuwave oven and have started to produce other dolls with the 2nd method of paint which requires each layer to be set with heat. It has been a process and very interesting. The response has been overwelming. I have dozens of order request and special orders but I am taking it step by step. I will have a few dolls for sale during the first few months of 2019 but I am currently working to build up my inventory.  Building up my inventory is important because I need to experiement with different hairs and shades and just the heat method verses the air dry method in general. When the dolls arrive they usually come with the head, 2 arms and 2 legs. They must be striped of any waxy material and washed . I allow my dolls to dry over night and examine them after they have completly dried the next day.
1.The first doll has a light coat of paint , which is more than likely the base color. 2.The middle face with the blue eyes is fully painted after 5-6 layers of air dried paints. 3. The last baby has just been striped , washed and dried after being removed from its packaging.
Look at these cute little baby faces below
  The process of creating Jade ( baby #1 ) was no different than anything else I had painted.  C. I started adding hair immediatly after her face was dry. D. I used a small 42 gauge regular felting needle to felt in the mohair, eyebrows and eyelashes (just imagine pushing in maybe 20-30 strings of hair for each lash).  E. The hair took a few hours but it was thin and soft, I set the lashes and eyebrows with a clear glue placed inside of the head to ensure that it stayed in when brushing and touching.  F. I added another coat of sealer and allowed Jade to dry before putting her body together. I had a hard time convincing people that Jade was a doll after they seen the pictures. Jade is my first dry painted reborn babydoll and I think she is amazing.
Look at my sweet Reborn Doll  " JADE "
Jersey (baby #2) was also an air dried baby, his hair and brows were painted on after his skin tone was completed. the only thing that I felted in were
the lashes.  Jersey can suck his fingers or a special pacifier. I secured his eyes and lashes in with a permanant clear glue from inside the head before he was assembled.
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